Reality as a Service (RaaS): 3D Cameras, 3D Spatial Interfaces, and 3D Spatial Data for Unmanned Vehicles


Transforming 3D Visualization and Vehicle Control

Blue Ring provides a suite of hardware and software tools to enhance the experience of vehicle operators for ROVs, submarines, ships, and drones. Some of these tools include:

  • Hardware – Multi-lens camera technology for 360 3D streaming. These systems are designed and manufactured in-house, both as bespoke and commercial off the shelf systems.
  • Application Software – Interface design, UI/UX, and sensor fusion for AR and VR HMDs
  • Cognition Systems – Intelligent multimodal interaction software (eg voice, gesture, eye tracking)
  • Data Science and Simulation – Data collection and synthetic environment training for object detection, obstacle avoidance, reinforcement learning, and task autonomy.
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3D Cameras

Blue Ring designs and manufactures in-house multi-lens camera technology which is lightweight, high resolution, low latency, smart, flexible, and ruggedized for any environment. We have deep engineering knowledge and expertise especially related to underwater camera systems for ROVs, UUVs, and submersibles.




3D Camera Applications

Our clients draw from a range of industries including the DoD, Hollywood, deep sea science, exploration, and entertainment broadcast. Clients include OceanX, Seamagine Subs, Navy PMS408, Air Force Guardian Angels, the Office of Naval Research, Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute, MSG Sphere, Good Morning America, and SeaWorld.

3D Camera Specs

Blue Ring develops bespoke multi-lens camera systems which are made for the vehicle and mission. We custom manufacture and closely support our clients with the most cutting edge 180, 360, and VR camera systems in the world.

In addition, we have two off the shelf underwater camera products for 180 and 360 capture called “Blue Eyes” and “Perch” which are tightly integrated with our 3D interfaces and provide real-time stitching software, visibility enhancement algorithms, real-time depth maps, and specialized video compression for bandwidth limited environments.

Reach out directly for more details.

3D Interfaces

Blue Ring’s universal 3D interface can be deployed across any AR or VR HMD as well as on any mobile device or PC. We work with MavLINK, QGC, GStreamer, proprietary serial connections and more to integrate the telemetry and data streams for vehicle 3D visualization and control. Our interface is agnostic in every sense of the word including the vehicle, operating system, comms, headset, and end user device.

AR and VR Interface Applications

Blue Ring’s AR and VR interfaces can be utilized in both stable and dynamic environments, both inside and outside. We have patented nausea mitigation controls, methodologies, and best practices so that any pilot or operator can use an HMD regardless of their sensitivity to movement. Our interface serves as a middleware between the legacy operating system on the vehicle and the 3D visualization environment which only AR/VR HMDs can provide.

3D Data

With specialized 360 3D camera hardware and real-time 3D visualization software Blue Ring also offers an integrated 3D data pipeline which captures and synchronizes vehicle sensor data on a frame by frame basis with no external synchronization required. In this way we can support the digital twin and simulation creation process for AI/ML/Reinforcement Learning for our clients at scale.

For more information about synchronization, labeling/annotation, or any topic related to data visualization needs please reach out directly for more details.

3D Data Applications

Harbor VR Simulation Example

Creating an Autonomous Vehicle with Blue Ring’s Full Stack Advanced Sensor Processing Pipeline and Simulation

Company History

Blue Ring Imaging was created as a dba in 2019 under VRTUL (Virtual Reality Technology Underwater Limited; to build AR/VR hardware and software products for unmanned vehicle operators. VRTUL is currently transitioning over multiple DoD contracts awarded and clients to the new entity working with the Navy, Air Force, ONR, and defense contractors including Lockheed Martin.


Casey SappCEO
Casey is CEO of Blue Ring Imaging. His background is in underwater technology innovation for Hollywood creating many first of its kind systems while running VRTUL ( Some of Casey’s inventions include the first 360 3D underwater camera system, the first underwater 360 live broadcast (GMA), the first ROV VR piloting system (MBARI), the first 360 cinematic camera on a submarine, and the highest resolution underwater cinematic camera system in the world (MSG Sphere).
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