Pioneers in Underwater VR Camera Designs

  • High quality underwater 180, 360, and volumetric technologies
  • Known and trusted by National Geographic, BBC, Discovery, NASA, Seamagine, Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute, and many other brands for over 10 years



Blue Ring Imaging is an exclusive partnership between VRTUL and The Sexton Corporation to sell and support bleeding edge underwater capture solutions for our clients in marine research, archeology, inspection, and cinematic storytelling. To achieve this we have invested heavily in using only the newest, highest quality film cameras including the Z-Cam E2, Sony RXO II, Blackmagic Micro-Cinema, and Blackmagic Micro-Studio cameras.
Blue Ring Imaging is the first ever company to provide for our clients high resolution deep sea cinematic filming (up to 20k), award-winning 360 3D storytelling capture systems, and end-to-end underwater 360 live broadcasting solutions. We also offer products for standalone real-time 3D reconstruction, volumetric capture, and individual underwater housings.


The best technology isn’t developed by individuals; it happens through deeply invested working relationships across a range of industries and domain expertise.

Into the Now VR

Tribeca & Cannes 2018 Film Festival selections.

Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute

Creating immersive ocean experiences in the deep sea.

Seamagine Subs

The first ever high resolution, cinematic 360 camera for the deep sea.

Stanford \ Neuroscience Institute

Using immersive media to study how the brain responds to fear and anxiety.

ABC Good Morning America

The first ever underwater 360 livestream with ABC GMA in Nassau, Bahamas on May 22nd, 2017. Millions of people watched the stream on both live television and Facebook.


Casey Sapp
Casey SappVR Producer & Tech Innovator
Casey has contributed to numerous globally recognized VR projects as an independent producer, director, camera operator, and supervisor. He is an experienced scuba diver, co-creator of the first 360 stereoscopic underwater, a published author, speaker, and entrepreneur.
Jeremy Childress
Jeremy ChildressTitle
Jeremy has been with The Sexton Corporation since 2010 and oversees all aspects of the business. Prior to joining the team we knew Jeremy as a customer studying Dungeness crabs and low oxygen zones off the Oregon coast. His drive, technological savvy, and natural leadership abilities have contributed to our growth substantially.

Jeremy has lead the research and design process of our new stock product line and is our resident expert on Machine Vision integration, optical systems, networking, and sensors.

Jeremy received his B.S. in Marine Biology from Millersville University in 2005 and his M.S. in Marine Resource Management from Oregon State University in 2010. He is a photographer, PADI certified scuba diver, and an active member and current Chair of the Oregon Marine Technology Society.